House (or) Home. Whats the difference?

Bricks&Mortar in Lurgan

21st December 2018

Moving house may be the term we commonly use, but moving home probably describes what we go through better? There is a lot of stress and strain with moving, boxing up clothes, running to the dump, borrowing vans, asking friends and family to help move cupboards! Sound familiar?

At Bricks&Mortar we understanding that moving is highly stressful and as we have a trues understanding of this, we are best placed to help you through the process. We have local knowledge that can assist you with the moving process and empathise with what you are going through.

People become attached to their properties as not only have it provided a roof over their heads it is also somewhere they have created memories, laughed, cried, had their first child and many Christmas dinners! 

It then comes the time when the people have out grown the house and they require something different from a 'House' the may need more space for their family or want to be closer to work or friends. 

Bricks&Mortar get to know our sellers and buyers needs and wants to find them the best new 'House' for the next chapter of their lives.

Why not call us for an initial chat on 02838818107 or complete our Free Valuation form and we will get in touch. You can also send us a message on Facebook @bricksandmortarni if you are thinking about moving in the New Year! Merry Christmas!