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  • Lurgan Train Station gets £25million

    15th January 2019

    The Lurgan Mail has reported on a huge investment in Lurgan train Station which aims to be completed by 2023. The investment will be developed in 3 phases which will see investment in the track, the station itself and the level crossing. This investment will have a positive impact on property in...

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  • Northern Ireland Housing Market Report

    9th January 2019

    House Sales: In December 2018 the Irish News reported Northern Ireland to be out performing the rest of the UK property market. The latest RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) has analysed a range of indicators across the UK the results of which show Northern Ireland significantly out...

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  • House (or) Home. Whats the difference?

    21st December 2018

    Moving house may be the term we commonly use, but moving home probably describes what we go through better? There is a lot of stress and strain with moving, boxing up clothes, running to the dump, borrowing vans, asking friends and family to help move cupboards! Sound familiar? At Bricks Mortar ...

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  • Why choose an Online Agent?

    18th December 2018

    I will set out some information below to consider when choosing an Online/traditional agent to sell or let your property. The post is in two parts part (a) will be from the seller s perspective and part (b) how will your property be noticed, for someone to buy or let! Part A: Seller choosing an ...

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  • Have you become an ‘Unexpected Landlord’?

    7th November 2018

    Becoming a Landlord may not have been your decision. Most people plan to buy and investment property and then rent it out as an investment. However; there is a percentage of Landlords in Lurgan, Craigavon and Portadown that have become accidental Landlords. This can happen for a few different rea...

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