Why choose an Online Agent?

Bricks&Mortar in Lurgan

18th December 2018

I will set out some information below to consider when choosing an Online/traditional agent to sell or let your property. The post is in two parts part (a) will be from the seller’s perspective and part (b) how will your property be noticed, for someone to buy or let!

Part A: Seller choosing an agent!

The way in which properties are sold, bought or rented has changed over the last few years. People no longer walk down the high street to choose which agent they want to sell their house, they simply go online. A quick Google search will show them the agents operating in their area and what services they offer. It will not take long before the seller finds a number of local agents that can market their property for sale or to let. They will then need to decide which will offer them ‘best value’ not ‘cheapest price’. This is important as the cheapest option may not be the best, you will need to establish what you get for that price. How much up front for marketing? How much on completion? Is it commission or fixed fee? Be careful of extra costs not included in window price, such as; EPC’s (energy performance certificates), floor plans, professional photography etc. and a question around how they will market the property. Has the agent a knowledge of the area, are they registered with a Property Redress Scheme does their website look professional? This will give you a better understanding of who is offering best value. Online agents should be able to answer these questions as well as a High Street agent.


 Part B: Getting your property sold or let!

We already mentioned that potential buyers or renters do not just walk around the towns looking into the windows of estate agents. In Northern Ireland over 200,000 people every day look for properties on online portals alone as well as search engine searches, which can lead them to agent websites. As the seller/Landlord you will want your property to get the biggest audience to ensure you get the full market value for your property when selling, or, the best Tenant for your property when renting. Online estate agents have access to all the same means to advertise your property as traditional agents and are very innovative in how to market your property to the largest audience. The big plus for Online estate agents above traditional is that as we have no overheads we can pass on the savings to you!


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