Northern Ireland Housing Market Report

Bricks&Mortar in Lurgan

9th January 2019

House Sales:

In December 2018 the ‘Irish News’ reported Northern Ireland to be out performing the rest of the UK property market. The latest RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) has analysed a range of indicators across the UK the results of which show Northern Ireland significantly outperforming the rest of the regions. A third of the surveyors involved in the researched reported rise in house prices in Northern Ireland.  


The report shows the demand for rental properties remains steady in Northern Ireland; however, it identifies a decline in availability of new rental stock so demand is likely to outweigh supply.

RICS suggest that rents will increase over the next 5 years and house prices to increase by around 2.3 per cent each year, however, this can vary quite a bit throughout Northern Ireland so get in touch to see figures for Lurgan-Criagvaon-Portadown.

For more specific details on the housing market in Lurgan-Craigavon-Portadown, for rental yields or house values get in touch on 02838818107.