Landlords- Health & Safety and Legislation to consider!

Bricks&Mortar in Lurgan

7th November 2018

You have taken a big step and purchased a property you wish to rent out. Becoming a Landlord can be a lucrative investment and with that comes responsibilities. There are many things to consider and I have highlighted some of these points below to help you get started. Electrical Safety Certificate, this is a certificate that will help you ensure the property is fit for purpose regarding electric.

It is the Landlords responsibility to ensure electrical equipment is tested. Items such as e.g. washing machine, electric cooker, etc need to be checked. A gas safety certificate is required where the property has Gas heating installed or any gas installed. Smoke detectors and Carbon monoxide detectors fitted depending on fires, stoves, etc. Our Full Property Management Service will guide you through the requirements of a Landlord and ensure your property is safe and complies with legislation.